A visual studio inspired by

sun, surf, and everything in between.




1. the state of freedom as provided by the joy that our ocean brings

2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc. in the ocean, by the ocean, or by looking at pictures of the ocean

3. feeling that every day is a sun day

4. the state of wearing sunshine

Seadom is on a mission to spread the ridiculously powerful joy that comes from seadom. We seek to spread the true meaning of surf culture in order to keep the stoke alive for all to share. We stand for all things ocean and all things sunshine. We believe in the adventurers and the ladysliders, in the groms and the loggers, in the sun addicts and the wave-walkers, in the daytrotters and the optimists. We believe that everyone should wear sunshine and that every day is a sun day.   

Contact us at hello@seadomsurf.com!