Seasick Dreams by Photographer Kelee Bovelle


The world is beautiful, and Kelee Bovelle’s photography captures exactly that and then some. As Kelee played with her dad’s cameras growing up, her interest in photography blossomed into beautiful works of art, such as the creative pieces in her photoset, Seasick Dreams. In Seasick Dreams, Kelee crafts each of her photographs to tell the story of both her love for the ocean, and to share the important role the ocean plays in all of our lives. 

These are some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken recently. I think they capture the beauty of the Earth and the relationship humans can have with it, which is my favorite thing to capture. Nature and the outdoors is a major theme in my photos.
A goal of mine is to use photography to show people how beautiful the Earth is, in hope that the people who see my photos will gain a greater appreciation for it. Shoots are always better when creativity is flowing and there’s good energy all around. Shooting un-posed and candid photos is always harder but it’s a great feeling when subjects line up perfectly and I start getting shots I really love. The excitement of getting even a few really good shots definitely makes every shoot worth it!


Words of wisdom for aspiring photographers?

It’s funny for me to give advice to aspiring photographers, because I definitely still am one!  I feel that studying other photographers who share similar interests is one of the best ways to learn about the industry, and shooting as much as you can will help you learn about all the things your camera can do. Also, don’t let where you live hold your photography back.  Being from a landlocked area can make it difficult to focus on the ocean and surf lifestyle.  Spend as much time as you can traveling and making your time near the coast count.  Also, it’s amazing how many locations can have a costal feel depending on angles, lighting and models.  I’m constantly trying to better my photography keeping these things in mind!

To see more of Kelee’s photography, you can find her on instagram.