Creative Minds: Meet Vivian Kim

Introducing Vivian Kim, an ocean-lover, a world traveler and the
newest member of the Seadom Sliders’ surf team. We sat down with
Vivian to find out more about her passions, interests and adventures.


Name: Vivian Kim
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Home Break: 1st Point, Malibu
School: Pepperdine University


What are you studying in school?

I’m studying Psychology and taking pre-med courses, too. I love learning about our brains—they are so intricate and impressive. I am hoping to go into medical school and want to eventually go on medical missions and serve in places where medical help may not be as available as it is here in the US.

Day job? Dream Job?

I have a lot of interests so I have had quite the number of day jobs. I intern for a surf shop in Santa Monica, work at a yoga studio, babysit, etc. My dream job would be something that involved nature, kids, and surf/yoga.

Where is your favorite break? What makes here so special?

This is a hard question because I have a few, but I really love Old Man’s at San Onofre—well, any break there is good, really. The waves are clean, smooth, long, mellow, and friendly. I love the San O vibes. Everyone is really chill and easy going and I have a love for old things. San O makes me feel like I’m in a dream world from the early years of surfing—single fins, old VW vans, family oriented, etc.

Describe your favorite board.

Hmm, one of the best boards I’ve been on was an around-9-foot Takayama (Model T, I think?) longboard. Single fin, easy to ride nose, long and sturdy enough to catch waves pretty easily, but surprisingly also very easy to maneuver and turn.

Describe your best and/or biggest adventure.

I studied abroad in Switzerland during my fall semester of sophomore year (2013). My friends and I got to travel all around Europe and it was amazing to experience all the different cultures and hear the different languages. We roamed around outdoor markets in Barcelona, experienced the most relaxing peace on a Croatian island, snowboarded in the Swiss Alps, and much more.

What keeps your stoke tank full?

Good people + lots of good food

When you are not at the beach, how else do you like to spend your time?

I’m usually running, doing yoga, eating, playing guitar, or just cruising with friends.

Describe your local surfing community.

I was in Kauai for most of this summer and I loved the surfing community here. It may help that I am a girl, but I feel like everyone I met out in the water was so nice and friendly. I got to make friends with a lot of the uncles and aunties (older people) who surf regularly and they are so helpful. We enjoy the sun and talk about life in between sets then hop on some party waves together.

What is next for Vivian Kim?

I’m coming home from my summer internship in Kauai, which has been one of the most memorable and awesome experiences in my life. I’ll be training for my cross country season, enjoying the rest of my summer with the people I love, heading to Lake Mead in Arizona for a couple days with friends, cruising up to the San Francisco for Outside Lands, and looking for a new log.

You can see more of Vivian's work on her website and Tumblr. We also highly recommend that you follow all of her adventures on Instagram, @viviankim1!