Behind the Lens with Nick Green

Meet Nick Green, the extraordinary photographer behind stunning images from around the world. At only 20 years of age, Nick has been to places most people only ever dream of. Thankfully for us, Nick beautifully captures moments from his remarkable travels and shares them with the world. Read more about Nick’s photography and adventures below.

Name: Nick Green
Age: 20
Hometown: Hobart, Tasmania
Homebreak: Fishos Point

Tell us a little about yourself. What does a day in your shoes look like?

It really depends on what is happening at the time. Routine isn’t my best friend (laughs)! If the winds offshore, I’ll check the waves, which hopefully leads to having a surf, then normally I’ll try and get some emails done and try to plan future trips or any projects I’m working on. Ive been super into skating at the moment, everyday Tuesday night a bunch of us spend the night at the bowl having beers and pushing each other, it’s good fun. I also really enjoy Tasmania’s nature, so i try to get out amongst it as much as i can, whether it be camping somewhere remote or just driving my van to a waterfall or mountain range.

When did you start taking photographs?

I think it was around 2010 when i first started to take photos on a semi-regular basis.

Was there a pivotal photograph you took where you knew that you wanted to pursue photography as a career?

Nah i can’t say there was, perhaps more an experience where i thought; ‘hey, the reason I’m experiencing this right now is because I take photos. It’s been platform to so many amazing things in my life.

Tell us a little more about your travels. Do you have a favorite place you have been?

Tasmania is, and always will be, my favourite place in the world..Sure, I’m keen to travel the world and see it all, but Tassie will always be home. I recently did a month long trip through The Kimberly in Western Australia, it was a completely different trip to any I’ve been on before, not seeing the ocean once the entire time…but i loved it! That place was nuts.

What equipment do you work with? 

I shoot with a Canon 5dMarkiii, 50mm 1.4mm, 24-104mm, 8-15mm, 100-400mm and use Aquatech Waterhousings

What inspires you?

I think the desire to live a happy and adventurous life is a big inspiration to me. It seems that whenever I’m taking photos it means I’m doing something i love, which is nice.

Advice for aspiring photographers?

Less is more…
Find your own style.. 
Don’t forget to enjoy the moment before trying to capture it..

What is next for Nick Green?

Travel wise, I’m off to Noosa for 10 days in November, followed by Vanuatu and then hopefully California or Mexico early next year. Besides that, I’m looking forward to spending the summer living in my van and enjoying my time in the best place in the world with all the legends that live down here.

To see more of Nick’s work, visit his website at Follow all of Nick’s adventures on Instagram@nickgreenphoto!